Cold Noses Foundation maintains three major funds at all times. These include the General Grant Fund, World Spay Day Fund and Emergency Relief Fund. Each serves a specific purpose to help animals in need in the most efficient manner. You can earmark your donation for a specific Fund, otherwise, we will divide the general donation.


General Grant Fund

This is our most broad-range fund. The majority of the donations raised throughout the year go toward this fund. This money is used for grants twice per year for those shelters and rescues that apply for spay and neuter, veterinary care, humane education and shelter or rescue wish-list items. The amount of the funds granted varies per project. We prioritize funds to those programs that show reliable records, help the most animals and are in the most critical need. Everything from puppy mill rescues to low cost veterinary care in remote places are included in this fund.

World Spay Day Fund

This fund specifically grants money to a chosen organization once per year for to spay and neuter as many animals as possible at low or no cost. World Spay Day is held in February of every year and the goal is both to educate populations and to get animals spayed or neutered for owners that have difficulty paying for this surgery and for strays.

Emergency Relief Fund

Cold Noses always keeps a portion of funds aside for those unforeseen events where there is an urgent need for funding for animal victims of natural or man-made disasters. Often, CNF uses the funds available to purchase critical supplies and food for animals when disasters strike.



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