Emergency Medical Care for 25+ Cats

With $3,000 granted to Paw Warriors International (PWI), approximately 25+ cats with veterinarian visits and emergency visits.  Without this grant many of these cats that were sent to ER Vet Centers would have died horrible deaths. Medical supplies were able to be purchased to help many cats at the rescue. Those that are unadoptable because of feral personalities or because of medical needs remain at the sanctuary.  PWI works with the feral cats and many are socialized and are able to move forward in obtaining homes.  But it takes months and sometimes years with these cats. Not only 25 cats with Veterinarian visits, but with medical supplies we were able to help many more in various situations locally at the rescue. 
Without this grant we would not have been able to reach out to people begging for help with cats they had found in dire need of medical help. One such situation was Captain Hook. This cat surely would have died a slow agonizing death without medical help. Captain Hook is one of the stray/feral cats which roam the Florida wetlands and he unfortunately got a huge hook in his face and who knows how long it had been there and was becoming infected. But thankfully someone noticed this cat and contacted us and we are so thankful we had the funds for this cat to receive vet care immediately.  His care-keeper was thrilled and he is keeping a good eye on this one for sure that nothing like this happens again. 

Hook stuck in side of cats mouth
After hook removal

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