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How your donations have helped animals throughout the years.


Dumpster Dogs

They call them 'Dumpster Dogs'. Living- or should we say- surviving at the city dump. Scavenging for food and trying to understand why they are there. Many in the resort town of… Read More

Two Mamas and Babies Find Hope

We got a call from a rescuer in the Homestead area of Florida Everglades.  "We have a mama and her babies, and another unspayed female all in very poor living conditions....they… Read More


Training Shelter Dogs for a Second Chance

22 Dogs received a second chance at family life with extra training from Private School Pups in Ohio. So many dogs in shelters develop bad habits due to the shelter environment… Read More

Older But Not Forgotten

Dogs with even the slightest medical needs are often the first to be euthanized in many shelters. If you take these same medical needs and put them on a geriatric dog, it can be a… Read More

50 Animals Saved from Hurricane Ian

The Everglades Animals Coalition is about saving lives in Florida! This past month, after hurricane Ian displaced many animals and created a dire overcrowding situation with… Read More

Critical Care for 290 Animals in S. Africa

HALO works in 8 rural communities around Hoedspruit, Limpopo, the poorest province of South Africa. With the grant of Cold Noses Foundation, HALO has been able to help 287 dogs… Read More

Emergency Medical Care for 25+ Cats

With $3,000 granted to Paw Warriors International (PWI), approximately 25+ cats with veterinarian visits and emergency visits.  Without this grant many of these cats that were… Read More

Medical Assistance for 44 Pets in Financial Need

ARF's new Pet Medical financial Assistance Program was recently established to help individuals that need financial assistance to pay for their pet's medical needs saving the… Read More

63 Animals Receive Life Saving Care

The Twin County Humane Society (TCHS) routinely receives requests for emergency medical assistance for owned animals.


Reservation Relief

On the boarder of S. Dakota, N. Dakota and Minnesota, lies the Lake Traverse Reservation. Many parents are facing a choice between feeding and caring for their children or their… Read More

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