A Mama's Wish

Rescuers Lisa and Peggy happened to be at the Tipton Shelter in Tennessee when a litter of 7 orphaned kittens was brought in. Their mother had been hit by a car on the highway and the babies were found, still trying to nurse from their deceased mama. The shelter was full.
Any mother knows her only wish in life is to see her babies grow up healthy and happy.
Unfortunately, this mama did not get to see this, but looking down from the Heavens may be an angel mama kitty who sees her 7 beautiful babies all safe and in homes of their own, no longer on the dangerous streets.
It is a bittersweet ending, but that is often what rescue is. The rescuers from Purrfect Match Cat Rescue were able to save these 7 babies with a grant from Cold Noses. The kittens have all found wonderful homes through HART Maine Rescue.

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