Millions of dogs and cats enter animal shelters every year in the US alone. Countless others roam the streets, beaches and remote areas looking for safety. Sadly, many never know the comfort of a gentle touch or a full belly. Many suffer from illness and disease. This does not need to happen. Humans have created this crisis. It is, therefore, our responsibility to care for animals and decrease the needless suffering.                                                                                                                                    Cold Noses fights for animals by funding LIFE SAVING projects; from Spay and Neuter clinics, trap/neuter/release programs, to vital veterinary supplies and funding to pull animals off of kill lists at high kill shelters, we work with rescues all over the world to save lives.

Spay/Neuter & Medical Care

It is essential to spay and neuter dogs and cats to prevent unwanted litters. Every year, litters upon litters of dogs and cats are dumped in shelters, thrown away like trash (literally), killed or left to suffer on their own. This can only be helped by routine spay and neuter of pets. Cold Noses funds programs to provide free or low cost spay and neuter for dogs and cats to help curb unwanted litters.


So many rescue organizations provide support to hundreds or even thousands of animals a year. No matter their size, they all require up to date, reliable supplies in order to provide services safely and efficiently. With various requests for medical and other equipment for rescue groups, Cold Noses is able to help provide much needed funds to purchase life-saving equipment and basic supplies to keep animals as safe as possible.