Home for the Holidays

Infested with fleas, ticks and worms....but they are the lucky ones...

There are hundreds more waiting to be saved

Picture the only family you ever knew and loved taking you for a ride out to the Everglades, opening the car door, tossing you out, and driving away. You wait and wait, but they don't come back. 


Eventually, you have to find food and shelter from the heat and mosquitos. You wait day after day for your "family" to return but they never do. Eventually, you may give in to heartbreak or get bit by a poisonous snake or taken by an alligator. Your chances for survival are slim, and if you do survive, your risk of heat stroke or starvation are high. 


This may sound too terrible to be real. But it is the unfortunate reality for dogs everyday in the Everglades and surrounding areas.


The three dogs above were rescued this week. Infested with worms and fleas, but thanks to Cold Noses Foundation, Pegasus Foundation and Pets Broward, we saved these three souls, vetted them and sent them to a no-kill rescue where they hope to find their forever homes. These three no longer have to struggle to survive. Their horror story is over. But for so many others their struggle is ongoing every moment of  everyday. 

Help us get as many dogs Home for the Holidays as we can.

All donations from now until January 1st will go directly to the Everglades animal fund to help us rescue, vet and spay/neuter as many animals as possible. 


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