Educational Programs in Tanzania

To prevent animal cruelty currently undertaken by people and Municipal authorities, The Cold Noses Foundation grant will fund humane education to community during the project through leaflets, media and at the outreach clinics before animal owners and people leave the area after their animals have been vaccinated against rabies, de-wormed, and sterilized. The officer will teach the people at our outreach clinics and through the media the importance of spay/neuter that it makes the animals be health and the animals stay at home without wandering to look for opposite sex in order to mate. The teaching will also include rabies control by vaccinating the dogs once per year, feeding the animals sufficiently that they do not roam in streets to seek for food. On the other hand the teachings will involve educating people on how to improve rubbish collection systems e.g. use of closed containers, burying or disposing of all dead animals and enclosing or fencing of rubbish dumps. General understanding of animal care and needs will also be taught in regard to shelter, cleanliness, feeding, veterinary care and exercise. The officer will make the public aware of the current Animal Welfare Act, 2008 which among other animal welfare issues prohibits any form cruelty to animals so that the people are aware of the newly established law which protects the animals in the country.

370 school age children were reached through school outreach programs, and many more people were reached via a Humane Officer at the drop off locations for the veterinary care. The hope is that the maltreatment of feral cats is greatly reduced as the community learns about the Welfare Act and compassion for animals.


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