Pet Ambulance and Taxi in Nevis

The island of Nevis in the West Indies has a sad truth…many people don’t own vehicles and there is a large lack of veterinary care for both owned and stray animals on the island. CARE Nevis, the islands only no-kill animal shelter wants to change this. With the help of Cold Noses, there are able to purchase their first ever pet ambulance to access animals all over the island. This will be especially useful when they get a call regarding a sick or injured animals. With the new ambulance, which has been outfitted with pet supplies, tables etc., CARE Nevis will be able to safely and effectively treat the animals in the field. But emergencies are not the only use for this vehicle. CARE Nevis plans to access pet owners without transportation in need of veterinary care or spay and neuter services.

The animals of Nevis will not have to suffer waiting for veterinary care. We believe many lives will be saved and animals will receive the proper veterinary care they desperately need thanks to this pet ambulance!

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