167 Animals Helped in Madison County

It started as a small financial gift after an elderly woman's passing. The woman was forced to drown a litter of puppies as a child (a common means of population control at one time, and sadly, still used today). Not wanting others to endure this trauma she gifted Friends of Madison County (FOMCA) a donation to help fund their ongoing spay and neuter program. 

FOMCA caters to a population where 20-22% of people live at or below the poverty line. For these families, the cost of spaying and neutering their pets is prohibitive and the animals are often left to potentially breed, get dumped at local animal shelters or suffer from avoidable ailments due to being unaltered. FOMCA now spays and neuters animals of low or no income owners at a bi-weekly clinic. Thanks to a grant from Cold Noses we were able to subsidize the surgeries so owners only had to pay a $20 fee for spay and neuter services for the dog or cat. 

A total of 167 animals (65 dogs and 97 cats) were altered thanks to the Cold Noses grant and the hard working folks at FOMCA!

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