Dogs in Ukraine Get a Second Chance

The end of 2013 meant trouble for Ukrainians and, subsequently, their dogs. When 2 million people quickly left their homes due to political unrest, many dogs were left abandoned, adding to the animals already free roaming on the streets. At the same time, previously earmarked funding for sterilization of street dogs was dropped and instead focused on humanitarian aid. The animal advocates were left with a bigger problem and no more funding to address it. 

The Shelter for Animals in Donetsk, Ukraine was awarded a $2000 grant to spay and neuter 125 animals in their city to help curb the procreation of street dogs. The team sterilized 78 females and 47 males, and earmarked these dogs so they could be safely re-released back to where they were found. (Some were able to find homes!) The ear tag will let locals know these dogs are sterilized and vaccinated- so they can live side by side in harmony with these animals rather than fear of the strays. This gives these dogs a second chance at life, (whether it be in a home or on the street), without the risk of adding to the stray population.

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