Cat healing from Surgery

Healing in Alaska

Throughout a 350 mile stretch between Houston, Alaska to Homer, Alaska, Clear Cat Rescue is the only hope for many sick or injured cats or feral cats. For the cats that most other rescues will not take or would otherwise be euthanized, Clear Cat Rescue is a glimmer of hope. This wonderful organization helps provide cat owners and those helping feral cats with food and emergency vet care assistance to help keep these animals alive and out of harms way.

With a $5000 grant from Cold Noses, Clear Cat Rescue was able to save the lives of 20 cats.

One example of their life-saving efforts was a cat who was named Warlord by the vet who ended up caring for him. Full of battle scars and suffering from an obvious broken leg, Warlord had been through severe trauma. Warlord was given the necessary surgery to help repair his leg and wounds and he is happily living in a home with a foster.

19 other cats were able to receive vital care that otherwise may have resulted in neglect or, for as many as half of these cats, euthanasia. Providing essential and life-saving care was the goal of this project and Clear Cat Rescue was able to make a life-changing difference for all of these 20 souls, healing their wounds or simply giving them a chance to survive. 


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