64 Animals Spayed & Neutered in Texas

Hays County, Texas has a sad truth- 6 out of 10 animals brought to the county shelter are euthanized. That's 60% of living, breathing souls entering the shelter, never walking out. But Prevent A Litter (PALS) Central Texas is working diligently to try to reduce this number. 

Working with local veterinarians to perform surgeries at a reduced rate, PALS, with a grant from Cold Noses Foundation, was able to provide free spay and neuter services for over 64 animals. (Cats and dogs). Their focus was on animals belonging to low income, underemployed or unemployed persons, veterans and rescues from the street.

We are so proud of the work PALS has done both with this important, life-saving grant, but throughout the past 26 years. This small, efficient organization has saved lives thanks to its effective spay and neuter program.

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