68 More Lives Saved in Guatemala

The Guatemalan Highlands are a beautiful place but home to brutal, seasonal poisonings of street animals as a method of population control. Animals suffer daily. But thanks to the perseverance of the rescuers at Ayuda Para La Salud de Perros Y Gatos, 68 more animals were spayed and neutered with the written guarantee that the villages in which they reside will no longer poison animals as long as the organization continues their efforts. 

Spay and neuter, a much more effective and humane form of population control is performed at local locations during their weekly sterilization clinics. Needy citizens and rescuers are able to bring animals for free spay and neuter and veterinary services. The local authorities have agreed (via signed contract) to halt poisoning in these towns to let the more humane method and compassion for animals take effect.

AYUDA is a 100% all-volunteer organization that performs this life-saving work in Guatemala.

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