World Spay Day 2015

In February of 2015, Second Chance Animal Shelter received a grant from Cold Noses for just over $3400.00 to spay and neuter 28 animals. The three day clinic was such a success that the shelter ended up neutering 30 dogs!

The rescue group asked for a $25 copay from the owners of the animals to be altered, but no one was turned away if they could not pay. Many pets were members of multi-pet households, making it extremely critical that these animals be altered so as not to reproduce with their “siblings”. One great story was particularly heartwarming, written by the staff at Second Chance:

“About two months we received a call from a lady that was at Tuft’s with her dog. The dog was 7 years old and she had pyometra…. Vets told her needed surgery now and to call us as we provide subsidized surgical costs. We got her in that same day and did the emergency surgery. While she was there she told me that she had 3 other female mini poodles at home. She was very concerned about the pyometra and if her other’s would get it. We educated her on the infection and suggested she get them fixed. She explained that she did not have the money to fix them all at once so she would schedule one at a time. When the Cold Noses Grant came about, she jumped on the chance to get them all fixed at one time. The co-payment for each surgery would be only $25.00.

When she came in you could see how much she loved them. She had all three of them wrapped up in a blanket together and they sat on her lap while waiting to check in. She was very concerned about them being apart from each other during the day because they were so close to each other. All went well though, as usual. She explained to me how well her other dog is doing and how grateful she was for us.

At the end of the day she walked over to the desk and said “Michelle, you have been very good and helpful to me and my babies. Here is a check, it is not much but all I could afford at this time.” I told her we appreciated the donation and that every donation helps no matter what the size. I then asked her if I could give her a hug to show my appreciation. We hugged and giggled and she left with her dogs.”

Congratulations Second Chance Animal Shelter on a great event!

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