Helping a Village in Phuket

Grant winners Soi Dog Foundation received funds to spay and neuter an entire village or small neighborhood in Phuket, Thailand. There are roughly 50,000 dogs in Phuket, most of which are strays and subject to abuse, neglect, malnutrition and vehicle accidents. Soi Dog is providing an end the the suffering by spaying and neutering at least 80% of the dogs, leaving less to breed and bring more animals to suffer into the streets.

With the Cold Noses grant, Soi Dog was able to host a spay and neuter clinic for two weeks in a large Buddhist Temple in central Phuket. The team successfully steralized every dog and cat they could find in the are, resulting in 236 dogs and 131 cats!

In fact, the Soi Dog Foundation is finding their work already showing results. They are finding it more difficult to find animals that are unaltered, and the condition of the animals in the community is reported to have improved. With a grant from Cold Noses, the foundation will be continuing its vital work and helping to alleviate the suffering of future generations of strays as well as helping those “owned” animals receive the veterinary care they desperately need.

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