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How your donations have helped animals throughout the years.


Community outreach

Vet Services for those in Poverty

In Gainesville, Florida there is a geographic area where the highest number of canine strays are taken in to the county shelter. The area is one of extremely low income and few… Read More
Community outreach

Microchipping Dogs on Cape Cod

CAPE COD, Massachusetts (June 27th, 2017) -- Cold Noses Foundation received a $500.00 grant from the Cape Youth Force, a program of the Cape Cod Foundation and the Barnstable… Read More
Community outreach

27 Dogs Helped in California

Founded by the local police and rescue folks, Ghetto Rescue Ffoundation is providing life-saving services to animals on the streets on Los Angeles, California. They rescue dogs… Read More
Emergency relief

Texas Hurricane Harvey Relief

Hurricane Harvey hit Texas in August, 2017 with no mercy. Both humans and animals perished. One of the biggest challenges for the rescues in the area was removing the animals from… Read More
Spay and Neuter

15 Animals Spared from Death

Paws for Life Utah reaches into the ugliness that is a kill-shelter. Where dogs are put to death simply because of minor medical issues. Can you imagine being killed because you… Read More
Emergency relief

Hundreds Rescued from South Florida

Project Update: Since our last reporting on this project, our Everglades Animals Coalition has saved hundreds of dogs from suffering. 
Spay and Neuter

64 Animals Spayed & Neutered in Texas

Hays County, Texas has a sad truth- 6 out of 10 animals brought to the county shelter are euthanized. That's 60% of living, breathing souls entering the shelter, never walking out… Read More
Spay and Neuter

68 More Lives Saved in Guatemala

The Guatemalan Highlands are a beautiful place but home to brutal, seasonal poisonings of street animals as a method of population control. Animals suffer daily. But thanks to the… Read More


Community outreach

Home for the Holidays

Infested with fleas, ticks and worms....but they are the lucky ones... There are hundreds more waiting to be saved Picture the only family you ever knew and loved taking you for… Read More
Spay and Neuter

World Spay 2016 - ARL

World Spay Day was funded by Cold Noses and hosted by Animal Rescue League of Boston in Falmouth, Ma. The event drew 52 animals for the free spay and neuter surgeries in February… Read More

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